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Fly Loop Fishing

If you want to initiate yourself into the fly loop fishing we can give you the best tricks and tools to get started in this sport fishing technique.

It is mainly carried out in areas of continental or fluvial waters, such as rivers, streams, marshes, lakes or reservoirs and, much less frequently, it can be practiced in salt water.

Other names he receives are, in English, flyfishing or fishing with rat tail, for the characteristic line he uses. The start of fly fishing can be traced back to more than 2000 years BC, as not in millenarian China, where according to some writings, the use of artificial flies to catch fish is described.

Some authors and historians affirm that the origin of this fishing modality is centered in Macedonia, in the second century BC, whatever its origin, the use of hooks covered with feathers imitating insects and small prey of river predators takes practicing for hundreds of years and all over the world, with fly fishing being one of the most widespread sport fishing techniques in the world, and it will be something.

Loop Fly Fishing

It is easy to fly fishing, and more if you are started, since it requires a lot of practice to "dance" our line to the sound of our rod and place the fly in the exact place where we want our long-awaited fish to bite.

Giving the whiplash effect to rat tail requires a lot of skill and hours and hours of entanglement, but do not worry, as you can learn everything and if you like fishing, this guy will hook you once you try it, I assure you . Basically we will use a very light rod and much more flexible than any other type of rod used in sea fishing.

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